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In how many directions is it tipping?
Tipping Utopia Mary Pearson / November 19, 2019

In trauma, there / then disrupts (the possibility of) being here / now.
It was (is) too much, too fast
overwhelmed systems shut down, space out, keep vigil

In tipping utopia, do the pieces slide together, fall off, collide, crash, crumble?
Just come closer?
How steep is the incline?

Does tipping utopia add an impact to here / now?
Does getting back to there / then become an uphill battle?

Now which one is the struggle?
Dwelling in between those places Is it more effort to climb back up?
Or emerge from the rubble?
Figure out being in closer proximity Reconfiguring spaces, salvaging what is not broken, cleaning, clearing, building
When climbing back to there / then, will there be a view? Of what?
Can we fall / slide back down?
What happens when you hang on, or drop off? In how many directions is it tipping?

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