Tipping Utopia
  • Tipping Utopia is an artistic and residential project, initiated by Stephanie Maher, which will explore both the past and the future of Ponderosa.
  • Tipping Utopia will be an active and ongoing presence at Ponderosa from 2019 to 2022. The program will imagine the future possibilities for Ponderosa, and it will also engage in an archiving process, inviting historical engagement from past Ponderosa participants. It has been made possible by a grant from Landkultur.
  • Tipping Utopia invites an imagining of an endless splinterosa of particles — a splintering and morphing.
  • Tipping Utopia, a three-year-long project funded by Landkultur, invites all who have made Ponderosa what it is to detangle it from its own myths, delusions and stories. Bring favourite or disturbing tips and turns in your artistic life that tip our visions of a utopian dream for survival. This program, inviting historical engagement, will imagine the future possibilities for Ponderosa, for basic survival and reentry. This will result in a communal archiving process, from past Ponderosa and new future participants.
  • Many of us have developed covert survival tactics and devotional body practices in response to and inspired by the Ponderosa environment. Lets perform the interrogation. Leave a trace and question WHO, HOW, WHY power structures that circumnavigate Ponderosa. You are invited to share with us. Lets navigate hierarchies and holding risky spaces together. Back to… much is your labor worth?
  • Utopic parameters of stage, land, art & learning
  • guardians of social equilibrium
  • echos, misconceptions & derailed utopias
  • latent optimism & gardenBODY life
  • CO-institutions/ messy art /education site
  • non compliance, covert social & earthly acts
  • sublime psychophysical education & free agency
  • AGAIN death-rebirth-rebirth-death-birth-rebirth