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here is A RANT__
Tipping Utopia Stephanie Maher / May 16, 2019

here is A RANT__

where does it go? on the website?

Sitting at a cafe in Berlin. these birds are attacking me – waiting for my croissant. at ponderosa the birds are still eating bugs and stuff. I grow my food in ponderosa, planing an edible forest, yes I plant some trees for later.

Ponderosa has some great food- you gotta pay for it- we figured that out.

You have some issues?Abundance is not at your back door?

Buy some land — but go farther east! I encourage you!

Start your own project. Collaboration is key

I can tell you all the things “we” did wrong.

You got something to say? You wanna make art?

You still believe in the body as a source of intelligence? Me too

Come to ponderosa this summer and be part of the Tipping Utopia conversations. (I could not change the name ponderosa- splinterosa ahead)

I invite you to share with us. Lets navigate hierarchies and holding risky spaces together. Back to… much is your labor worth?

You ONLY get 70 seconds. Rant for love! Rant about the politics!

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