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Tipping Utopia Stephanie Maher / April 19, 2019

Hello tippers! ponderosa is right here- still swimming around in an u topic paradise

and she has an invitation to ask you the same thing-

Where is ponderosa?

Who is ponderosa?

What is ponderosa?

Tipping Utopia, a project funded from Landkultur, invites all of us who made ponderosa what it is to detangle it from its own myths, delusions and stories.

Since 2000 she has lived so many incredible experiences some wacky, some meaningful some so very sophisticated.

Please send us your stories, your favorite moments as well as disturbing turns in the project you may have experienced.

We will begin performing these stories, documenting them in a participatory way which includes creating a huge archival tapestry that you may stitch yourself, some focused residencies around writting our stories and some open invitations to perform work that has been inspired and or made in ponderosa.

We are not an island, we are not a business, we are not a community, we are not a cooperative, we are not an edible forest, we are not a family, we are not a click, we are not a cult, we are not a studio, we are not a guesthouse, we are not the Maher/kaiser family, we are not ……..

We are a non profit organization that includes many facets of those things- we invite you to rediscover what ponderosa is and remake her—-reinvent her— come tip with us this summer!

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