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The Institute of Ancient Sonic Futures

The Research
The idea to explore residues and the frequencies within the garden and spaces of Ponderosa, a community working and living together for over 20 years.
A constant flow of new people in and out, many regularly returning, forever growing the community.
We are interested in looking at the history of how and why Ponderosa was set up and if the original ideas are still relevant or a reality.
The ghosts of the past that lie in the land before it became a community and the journey it has been up until now.
A process of recording the sounds of the environment, bringing them together, synthesising and creating a sonic catalogue with the residues of the past and present energies.
To interview and catalogue and then sample parts of the interviews with core members about their original intentions and processes of building the community
and to see how they envision the future.
To create together a new work that will be the backing and basis to a score with the idea to eventually incorporate a
choir of singing voices from the worldwide and visiting community.
As well as this sonic catalogue, to make drawings in the space, drawings of dance of the architecture and the land and from these drawings, make costumes.
As part of a performance to wear these paper costumes and go in the the water to swim and let them be dissolved.
As a symbol of letting the energy of the past go, a recognition of transience, interaction and transformation.
Community in the arts is of utmost importance in the present day if non- commercial artists and visionaries are to survive and be sustained. Community means working with the land, listening to each other and listening to what is needed to break out of the limitations of our own personalexperiences.
Constantly opening to new diversities, outlooks, connecting with young and old and looking in to how hierarchies might unintentionally or naturally
exist in such communities.
Looking at systems and infrastructure and how it is vital to constantly check-in and question if things need to be updated or looked on in new ways.

The Artists
Nina Hynes
Laura Burns
Alicja Czyczel