Uncertain Unities

Ponderosa invited a total of 18 artists and curators to take part in a collaborative imagination of the future programming, curation and strategies of use of our space. From July to November 2021 six different trios came together for a residency of two weeks at Ponderosa, to explore their artistic and curational practice. The invitation was to join the dreaming of other futures in the specific site of the Gut Stolzenhagen in the north of Brandenburg, where Ponderosa is located.

We comissioned the groups to go on a research to explore new ways for Ponderosa as an example of one of many artistic rural headquarters of contemporary art and performance. Their presence and process created a dialogue with us at Ponderosa, to see what daze of the futures might be possible for us, to see what opportunities, audiences or discourses we might be missing.

Potential research topics included:
– Exploration of historical models of community based art spaces
– New ways of social embedded practices
– Alternative economical structures for art institutions
– The integration of regional knowledge into artistic processes
– The importance of non-product oriented processes or buildings
– The importance of diversification and equal opportunities
– New curatorial practices or non-hierarchical forms or artistic archives
– Alternative forms of education and training
– Sustainability in the arts and on the land

The Institute of Ancient Sonic Futures

Extinction and Syncretism



Crafty Death