Ponderosa Open Source Scores

POSS // improvisation as a choreo-social strategy to create and gather bodies

What if Ponderosa could open a non-digital gate into the actual experience of being on our ground? In the garden and in the studio without geographical limitations?

Can we share? Really share what we do behind the bushes? Smashing our faces into the Marley floor? Lifting, leaning bodies, synchronized bones, and starving muscles.

Our project of Ponderosa Open Source Scores will be a revolving, evolving, Ryzom structure of growing and sharing dance knowledge and experience of workshop-creating processes that have been accumulated through the years in Ponderosa.

As this past year has often tried to encourage performative work to be translated to online platforms we wish to keep creating live experiences and experiments that use digital media but in a way that centers movement and real encounters with other humans, non-humans, and the environment.

What is a score?

Unlike the many dance scores accumulated through the years, we aim to create elaborated workshop scores that will not necessarily produce performative moments or frames but scores that will create new knowledge, new experiences, and new ways to share them.

The workshop score could lead a participant or a small group that decides to gather for this event in a curated, suggestive event unfolding in the present time and in relation to non-studio space and to non-workshop time, meaning it can incorporate and alter daily life practices and personal life structures.

A workshop score, for example, can suggest altering your sleeping patterns, making a new collaborator, reading specific poems before you shower, and analytical dance theory articles after you eat. A workshop score can offer you to time yourself not doing something, reach out to the facilitator for further instructions, to come up with a variation to the task, to dance, to take an online class, and write a secret review on a rock in the park, to invite a friend to a journey, to think, to move, to touch and so much more.

Coming Soon!

10 artists with a strong link to Ponderosa’s long-lasting emphasis on improvisation as a choreo-social strategy to create and gather communities and performative events.


  • Maria F. Scaroni – un apprendistato – after – the book of pleasures
  • Mary Pearson – Stagnant Piles Practice
  • Asaf Aharonson
  • Cranky Bodies
  • Stephanie Maher
  • Yoshiko Chuma
  • Keith Hennesy
  • Tove Sahlin
  • Alicia Grant