Living Library Loft

Our Living Library Loft has grown as a community resource offering a quiet and creative place for research and reflection within an active practice environment. Our collection includes cross disciplinary books, influential and compelling texts, documents, zines, film and magazines in the field of contemporary performance practices and discussions. We are now in the process of expanding and diversifying our collection.

This summer we asked our community what books they would like to be added to our Living Library Loft…

  • What are the most potent performance, art, body, politics or dance related books or materials you feel would be at home in our collection?
  • What other texts are essential to developing the thinking, breathing, moving collective organism of Ponderosa?
  • What books could invite our community to engage with alternative histories and diverse perspectives?
  • Our library is a meeting place that binds practice, discussion, research, and articulation with the alternative learning environment of Ponderosa. Other than books, what objects/formats/content or ideas would you love to see in the library?