I Dance, Because Nothing Else Makes Sense – Gina David and Ursula Marcussen

Ponderosa’s digital archive is a mysterious jungle. It consists of thousands of video documentations, which were recorded in the past 20 years from different point of views. In the past months we were venturing through this jungle, looking for sonic spaces that made our hearts beat and for movements that stirred something up in us. We both hold Ponderosa dear as it held space for our liberation and for building meaningful relationships. Our dream was to create a tactile movie that gives an impression of the spirit and experience of Ponderosa to share it with others. What is possible, and what could also be us. This movie is one way to touch the colourful archive and it is an open invitation for interested others to dive into it and explore it through their own unique curiosities.

edit by Gina David and Ursula Marcussen, camera Tori Lawrence, Ursula Marcussen, Chani Bockwinkle, Teaque Owen, Tom O’Doherty, Marc Seestaedt, Gina David, Julia Gladstone, Kay Grothausen, Anne Sophie Malmberg, Johanna Chemnitz, Annika Nilsson, Hanna Hegenscheidt, Sebastian Luzzi, Sabrina Baranda, Sofia Marques Ferrerai, music by RUR (Fuji Rademaker and Karel Erdinger), words by Maria F. Scaroni and Ezra Green. Special Thanks to Ponderosa, Stephanie Maher and Asya Ashman. 

Blue Moon – Gina David and Ursula Marcussen

Blue Moon encapsulates a moment of a movement-based artist residency, called Ponderosa. The place was founded twenty years ago by dancers and squatters who shared passion about improvisation as a mode of art making with the dancing body at its core, but also improvisation as a form of political resistance. A strong international community of makers has been formed and reshaped the countryside farm each year as part of an ever-changing experiment around how to live, learn, laugh, die and heal together. 

October 2020 was dedicated to celebrate the end of an era in Ponderosa, but due to the current challenges of our bodily existence, things had to make yet another turn. In this strange time during this autumn being enclosed with a small dancing community reminded us of some of our recurring questions. How will re-inhabit, rejuvenate, re-build our (collective) bodies in the present and for the future?

Voice by Stephanie Maher, music by Marc Seestaedt, ghost dance by Asaf Aharonson